Judging Process

At British Baker, we pride ourselves on the integrity and the robustness of our judging process, making our awards the ones that everyone wants to win. The refreshed judging process is broken down into the following stages:

Stage One:

All entries are reviewed by a judging panel organised by the sponsoring company. This also includes an independent judge and British Baker appointed adjudicator. You DO NOT have to be a supplier or a customer of any category sponsors to enter.

Stage Two:

Each category will be judged under one of the following subheadings:

Business – Shortlisted entries from stage one will be reviewed further. If a site visit is needed this will be arranged. From there, three finalists and a winner will be picked.

People – After the first stage, shortlisted candidates in this category will be asked to interview. This can be in person or virtually. They will also be asked to send or show a sample of their products if relevant. The panel will pick three finalists and a winner. Part of the judging process might include site visits if needed for the category.

Product – Any product shortlisted in these categories will be asked to send/deliver the shortlisted product to the final judging stage on a selected date to be confirmed. The panel will from this determine three finalists and the winner from these entries.

A company may enter more than one category, but different company representatives must enter each of the chosen categories. No one person can enter more than one category. Companies that won any category in 2021 may not enter the same category this year. The exception to this is product categories – the winning company may enter the following year but must enter with a different product.

All finalists will appear in British Baker, on Britishbaker.co.uk and bakeryawards.co.uk before, during and after the awards.